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The beginning of field work of the Spitsbergen party

The Spitsbergen’s department of PMGE has begun its field season in Spitsbergen (Svalbard – nor). There were 7 people who had consisted the field team and just now are placing in Barentsburg and preparing theirs equipment to a fieldworks. They will be departed in the region of the works by the Norwegian ship FARM by Capt. Stig Henningsen. The camp will be stayed in the Vedel Jarlsberg Land, in the west coast, in place named Storvika. The another two members of our fieldteam will arrive in Spitsbergen a bit later, in 26th of July, and will arrange the geological research in Calypsostranda.

All group equipped with all necessary goods including protection against Polar bears: pomp guns, wires security system and so on. Satellite phones now is the one way to keep a good connection with the base and also with the home.

The returning of the groups are expecting in the end of August. We hope on the good geological results of our guys!

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