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The field season on Spitsbergen is over

In the middle of September the last group of geologists of Spitsbergen prospecting survey party returned from archipelago Spitsbergen after field works . This year the field season continued 2,5 months, the works were carried out in the South-Western part of the archipelago, in Wedel Jarlsberg Land. The work objective was to make the updated geological map outfit for this part of the archipelago and to estimate its resource potential. The works included the route survey of the mountain- glacial region (approximate area 1000 sq. km. ), and specialized research of quaternary sediments. The works were carried out by two detachments.

The first detachment (6 geologists) worked in July near West Torell glacier – the largest valley glacier in Spitsbergen. They investigated Middle and Upper Riphean sedimentary slightly metamorphosed complexes . In August the detachment was relocated to Recherche-fjord where the scientists explored Middle Riphean sedimentary-volcanic complexes, intrusive complexes , and particular features of Holocene sedimentation.

Field camp in Recherche fjord                            Schlich test sampling in Storvica bay

The second detachment (4 scientists) consisted of PMGE and VNIIOkeangeologiya geologists and worked near old settlement Calipso founded at the beginning of the last century by the English mining company. Vendian conglomerate complex and Neopleistocene fluvioglacial deposits were the objects of investigation here; issues of reconstruction of Neopleistocene- Holocene palaeographic situations were also studied on this area.

By results of works the area geological and geomorphological maps on the scale 1:100 000 were made; ore occurrences of non-ferrous metals, and - for the first time in this area - sources of underground mineral waters were revealed.


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