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     The solemn celebration took place in the festively decorated Assembly Hall of the Expedition on November 17. In addition to the staff of the Expedition, the heads of local authorities of the city of Lomonosov and the city of Petrodvorets, heads and employees of related enterprises of St. Petersburg, veterans of the expedition were invited on the holiday.

In the Assembly Hall of the JSC PMGE 17.11.2017

General Director of JSC PMGE V. D. Kriukov in the video presentation told about the history of the Expedition, its main achievements and activities in recent years. Special attention was paid in the report to the resource aspect of the works carried out by the JSC PMGE for 55 years. Among the most important achievements of the PMGE, which made a significant contribution to the increase in Russia's resource potential, were the discovery and exploration by geologists of the PMGE of Pavlovsky lead-zinc deposit on Novaya Zemlya (one of the five largest world deposits) and the discovery of the Tomtor giant rare-earth deposit in Northern Yakutia. As for the reserves of basic metals, converted into the dollar equivalent, Pavlovsky deposit alone gives a figure of 62 billion US dollars, which pays off the costs of the Expedition for many decades to come.

Report of the General Director V. D. Kriukov

Congratulations from the Head of  Administration of the Petrodvorets district D. A. Popov 


    In welcoming and friendly congratulations on this day the tribute was paid to the experts of the Polar Expedition, performing their work in the most extreme and hard-to-reach regions of our planet - in the Arctic, Antarctica and the Ocean.  It was noted that on this holiday R/V "Professor Logachev" is "on station"  in the central Atlantic, carrying out its work under the contract with the International Seabed Authority; and within the limits of Russian Antarctic Expedition  PMGE geologists are on their way to Antarctica on board  R / V "Akademik Fedorov".

   And in this connection I want to highlight the congratulation sent by our wonderful friend and colleague, Honored Polar explorer Viktor Boyarsky.


    In connection with the Jubilee, there were also awards of the JSC PMGE and its specialists. By the decision of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly of 15.11.2017 No. R-719 "For a significant contribution to the development of geological exploration and scientific activities, as well as in connection with the 55th anniversary of the foundation, the JSC PMGRE is awarded an Honorary Diploma".The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection awarded the principal geologist of the Spitsbergen party N. N. Kosteva and the principal geophysicist of the Antarctic Party S. V. Popov a sign "Honoured Prospector", and the geologist of the 1st category of the Antarctic Party M.S  Egorova a sign "Excellence in Prospecting".  The Head of administration of the Petrodvorets district  D. A. Popov awarded  the General Director V. D. Kriukov  an Honorary Diploma and expressed his appreciation to the specialists of PMGE A. A. Mamedov, D.I.  Gaidak, K. A. Gvilia.

     Also the activity of the PMGE employees S. N. Temerev, V.I. Urban, D.M. Vorobyova, L.N. Sheiko was noted by letters of appreciation of the deputy of the St. Petersbug Legislative Assembly M. I.  Baryshnikov.


Awarding of N.N.Kosteva                           

Honorary Diploma from the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly


      Guests of the Expedition and veterans got acquainted with the exposition of the PMGE  named after B.V. Malin and promised to make a contribution to its replenishment with new exhibits from their home funds.

Guests from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Ministry of Natural Resources and Russian Geological Research Institute  visiting the exposition of the PMGE Museum.


In conclusion, a friendly buffet reception was held during which the Expedition staff and our guests and veterans continued the communication  in an informal atmosphere,  " at a mug of tea".



At the buffet table


Photo   A.Yu. Kazankov,  M.N. Maslov

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