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Salvation of english yachtsmen in the central Atlantic

On January 10, 2018, the following message arrived from the board of RV "Professor Logachev":

From: Professor Logachev
To: <>
Copy: <>
Mailed: 10.01.2018 18:49
Attn: Kryukov VD, Temerev S.N.

Good afternoon!

Information on the rescue of Barry Mcilroy and his son Luke Jack Mcilroy.

January 10 at 07:00 Moscow time the signal "URGENT" from the sailing yacht "COROEBUS" was received. According to the primary information from the captain of the yacht, the steering failed and the sail was lost, technical assistance was needed. The yacht was 5 miles from our course, we changed the course, proceeded to the yacht. As we approached in the dark time of the day, we fell into a drift.

With the dawn at 14:15 Moscow time we approached the yacht and received additional information that they had leakage and seawater was coming in, so the captain and his son decided to leave the yacht and go on board of our vessel. Having received this information, with the consent of the captain of "COROEBUS", we sent an emergency message to the Rescue Coordination Center, as there was no radio communication other than VHF on the yacht. At 14:42 Moscow time we started the rescue operation. Because of the unfavourable weather, the operation took longer time than it might take. At 17:40 Moscow time, the rescued were brought aboard. According to the captain of the yacht, before leaving they opened the kingston valves.

On our board, captain Barry Mcilroy had a telephone conversation with the Rescue Coordination Center and informed them of their circumstances. Asked where they would like to go, the captain replied that they did not care whether they stayed with us till Las Palmas or moved to a transit ship. We asked the coastal Rescue Coordination Center to inform the ships passing through the district about the need to pick the rescued from our vessel, whatever the ships' destinations were.

We forward scans of passports of the passengers. At 17:52 Moscow time the rescue means are on board. We follow to the position to continue our work.

Sincerely Yours KM Pidenko

The scans of passports

Also see below the map of Operations Area and photos:

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