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Spitsbergen party completed fieldworks on the archipelago

Spitsbergen’s party of the Polar Marine Research geological expedition has performed theirs fieldworks in Spitsbergen. The works were in the west part of the West Spitsbergen island. The main goal of the works was the creating the set of geological maps, scale 1:100 000 of the central part of the Nordenscold Land, including the area of the russian mining facilities – Barentsburg and Grumant.

The fieldworks were carrying out from the end of June to the beginning of September. Eight specialists were employed and two field groups were organized from them. They have worked in the Greenfjorden, Koles bay and Van-Meien fjord. The fieldworks included the geological mapping of the Pre-cambrian, Paleogene and Quarter sediments, geomorphological researching, paleogeographical reconstruction and ecological investigations, search and estimation of the capacity of the mining resources.

Sirotkin A.

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