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On June 25, a team of the Spitsbergen Geological Prospecting Party of JSC 'PMGE' set off for field work. The object of work is the central part of the Nordenscheld Land (see Fig. 1). Today's field work is a continuation of the field work of the previous year 2018 (see Fig. 2). The field team totals 6 people - geologists of various profiles, students, also 2 employees of the Customer were assigned to the field team - FSBI VNIIOkeangeologiya, totaling 8 people.

Fig. 1. Overview diagram of the work area

In the diagram, red dots indicate settlements

Fig. 2. Territory of the field work in 2018 and 2019.

On June 26, a field team arrived at the base of JSC PMGE in the village of Barentsburg. The preparation of equipment for the field season began. Obligatory before field work is to visit the office of Governor of Svalbard in Longyearbyen - where the field team is to receive a formal final permission to leave for field work, although we had requested this permission and received it back in May 2019. Formally, we are to get the so-called 'Gray card' - which must be presented during inspections of police helicopters.

Such a trip to Longyearbyen to the Governor's office is planned for July 1. Further plans: July 9-10 - the abandonment of the field team in the Van Mayen fiord (see Fig. 3), setting up the camp (see Fig. 4).The team will be brought by the launch 'Barentsburg' belonging to the ‘Arktikugol ‘ Trust (see Figure 5).

Fig. 3. The area of work with the camp in the Van Mayen Fjord.

Fig. 4. Field camp of JSC 'PMGE', * Svalbard, 2018

Fig. 5. Embarkation the launch 'Barentsburg', the village of Barentsburg, 2018.

The guys have long geological routes ahead of them ( a map of the routes can be seen in Fig. 3) to create a new geological map of the area, washing of concentrate in stream flows in search of heavy metals, specialized studies to reconstruct the paleoclimate on Svalbard, which is important for understanding the сlimate change trends in the Arctic. The field season will be over on September 9, 2019.

Butomo N.I.

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