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Spitsbergen Geological Prospecting Party of JSC 'PMGE' finished the field works on Svalbard archipelago (Norway). The object of work is the central part of the Nordenscheld Land . Russian geologists work in the Norwegian archipelago in accordance with the special international status of Svalbard stipulated by the Paris Treaty of 1920 and the presence of Russia’s own sites in the archipelago where Russian villages are located, development of coal deposits and other economic and scientific activities are underway.

Field work in 2019 was carried out by the Spitsbergen Party in the southern and central parts of the Nordenski?ld Land (Western Svalbard Island) in close cooperation with specialists from the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Oceanology and Federal State Institution AANII.

The designated purpose of the work is to create a set of modern maps of geological content on a scale of 1: 100 000 and assess the resource potential of the territory. The team of 9 people consisted of geologists, geomorphologists and paleogeographers. Field studies included route survey and prospecting, compilation of sections, geoecological observations and a testing complex, including schlich and geochemical.

Geologists in the route

As a result of field work, all the work scope stipulated by the project was completed, and high-quality geological materials for further cameral processing were obtained. Preparations are underway for the acceptance of field materials on the Expedition scientific and engineering board

Sirotkin A.N.

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