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Works with an underwater vehicle

Sperre SUB-fighter 30K, a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) (Fig. 1) is designed for underwater technical work, inspection and prospecting work, monitoring of the aquatic environment and soil in coastal sea waters and open water areas.

The device can perform bathymetric, hydroacoustic and visual inspection of seabed areas, collect the bottom soil samples, explore the structural elements. The maximum immersion depth is 6 000 m.

Control and monitoring of the device is carried out using the ROV on-board control panel (Fig. 2).

ROV falls simultaneously with the television system TVS Sperre on the cable KG (3x8.0 + 3x1E) -320-60 produced by Pskovgeocable with the help of the LMG-160 winch manufactured by Pskovgeocable.

The main technical characteristics of ROV "Sperre SUB-fighter 30k"


 Sub-Fighter 30k


«Sperre» (Norway)

Maximum depth

6000 м

ROV motion speed:

-cruising speed

-lateral speed

-vertical speed



3,5 knots

1,5 knots

1,9 knots

>60 degree/sec


Horizontal 6 x 2000 W

Vertical 3 x 2000 W


230/400/440/690 VAC 3 фазы, 30 kV


1 - HD camera, 0,03lux, 1920x1080, 3,27Megapixels

1 - Low Light 0,05lx, 540TVL, F1,2

1 - Super Zoom Camera, 1,5lx, 40x zoom (10x opt, 4x digit)


2 x ROS Q-LED III, 3500 lux

Handling units

1 - HLK 40500R 7R, working pressure 210bar, Hydro-Lek

1 - HLK 4200 4R, working pressure 210bar, Hydro-Lek

Multibeam echosounder

Pressure sensor


Sample box


SeaBat 7125

Valeport miniIPS

Kongsberg 1007D Altimeter

Two-section with hydraulic drive

System with the marine wildlife sampling

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