Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation  
The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency

Airborne geophysical operations

Current tasks:

  • airborne magnetic survey using a high-precision CS-L sensor (Scintrex). Helps in the geological mapping, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, as well as in other tasks of rapid identification and mapping of magnetic objects in hard-to-reach places.

The main characteristics of the magnetic sensor CS-L:

- magnetically sensitive unit - quantal, cesium, single-chamber;

- sensitivity - 0.001 nT;

- systematic error - no more than 2.5 nT in the entire operating range;

- random error - not more than 0.003 nT;

- measurement cycle - 0.1-1.0 s;

- measurement range - 15 000 - 105 000 nT.

  • Radar sounding of glaciers for the purpose of glaciological monitoring: determination of the thickness of the ice layer, the nature of the subglacial relief, investigation of the internal structure of the glacier. For researches, a unique ice locator RLK-130 (LLC "UHF-Radio Systems", St. Petersburg) specially designed and manufactured to the order of JSV "PMGE" is used.

    The main characteristics of the ice locator RLK-130:

    - working frequency - 130 MHz;

    - power in pulse, not less than - 200 W;

    - duration of the probing pulse - from 0.5 to 15 μs;

    - depth of exploration - from 0.05 to 3.5 km.

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