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On-board gravimetric survey

Shipboard gravimetric survey is carried out separately or simultaneously with reflection 2D seismic survey, magnetometer survey and on the same lines. To account for the zero-points offset values of the devices are the initial and final reference gravimetric monitoring in Port of MOB/DEMOB

Gravimetric survey will be acquired using mobile gravimeters CHECAN-AM by JSC “Group company CRI “Electropribor” (RUSSIA).

Mobile gravimeters CHECAN-AM

Key technical specifications of CHECAN-AM gravimeter:

Manufacturer JSC ‘Group company ‘CRI’ ‘Electropribor’, RUSSIA
Range, Gal 10
Sensitivity, mGal 0,1
Static accuracy, mGal 1,0
Measurement resolution, sec. 1,0
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