Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation  
The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency


The research vessel 'Professor Logachev' owned by JSC PMGE left on its 41st voyage on October 18. The voyage program includes the completion of the study of the remaining 18 blocks on the Russian exploration area (REA) under the contract of Russia with the International Seabed Authority (ISA).

In each block, with dimensions of 10x10 km, comprehensive studies will be performed. They will make it possible to assess the prospects of the territory for the identification of sulfide ore occurrences and to carry out the necessary amount of certification work.

The research program includes the most effective types of work for the search and study of deep-sea polymetallic nodules (DPN):

- Bottom side scanning based on the side scan sonar 'MAK' (geoacoustic profiling) with electrical prospecting (EP);

- hydrophysical sounding;

- television profiling;

- geological testing with a box sampler, rock dredge and a television grab.

A strict sequence of works is foreseen with the advanced geophysical survey (MAK-EP) and the subsequent сеrtification of the revealed anomalies by bottom television and geological sampling.

After working out geophysical profiles at the end of December, the vessel is scheduled to call at the nearest port of Bridgetown (Barbados, Caribbean Sea) for fuel bunkering, food replenishment and crew rest. Three ISA specialists will arrive there by plane, they will take internship and training on the Russian vessel in accordance with the contract. А group of specialists from ‘’Rosgeology’’ will join them to carry out the second (geological) stage of work. The total duration of the voyage is 133 days.

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