Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation  
The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency

Management group

Executive Director

Alexander P. Goncharov


Phone:+7 (812) 422-12-82



Chief Economic and Financial Management

Lapshova Anna Sergeevna


Phone:+7(812) 422-01-31



Head of Marketing and Information Support Service

Kononova Julia Valeryevna


Phone:+7 (921) 336-34-44



Operation Parties (Departments)


Head of Antarctic Geophysical Party

Vorobev D. Mikhailovich


Phone:+7 (812) 423-18-58


Head of Oceanic Surveying Party

Victor V. Ezhak


Phone:+7 (812) 422-98-35



Personnel Director - Elena V. Polyukhovich +7 (812) 422-31-46

The Head of Geological Department -

The Head of IT department – Alexander N. Smilyanets +7 (812) 423-15-58

The Head of Supply Department – Victoria I. Urban +7(812) 422-49-63

The Head of Project and Planning Department (P&R Department)– Julia M. Shitakova +7 (812) 423-10-88

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